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Arthritis and Chiropractic

How many times have you heard or said, maybe it is arthritis, because you know I am getting older, or I just have arthritis because i'm getting old.  Well, I'm telling you that arthritis isn't related to age.  All your joints in your body has the same birthday, so if you have arthritis in one joint, then all the joints should be arthritic.

Arthritis is time related, and caused by inflammation.

1) an injury has to occur to the joint.  The injury can be something major, like twisting and ankle, or minor by sleeping the wrong way and waking up with pain.  Repeative motions are very hard on joints also.

2) inflammation will occur in the joint next.  This inflammation is what starts breaking down the joint.  Therefore, you need to get rid of the inflammation.  That is why Ice is important.

3) Here is where people make the mistake.  They treat the inflammation, not the injury.  The injury has caused very minor decreased motion of the joint, which when you move it, that forces grinding and minor irritation.

4) The irritation and inflammation of the joint causes, over time, the joint to start to break down.

5) If you don't get the joint moving the irritation and inflammation stays and degenerates the joint, and you end up with arthritis.

6) An adjustment is uesd by chiropractors to put the joint back into place, which returns normal motion, and inflammation gets pushed out of the joint.

Be good

Get adjusted

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